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Annie Brahler

Principal, Euro Trash, INC.

Annie Brahler, founder and principal of Euro Trash, INC, is a Dutch American designer creating multi-faceted residential and commercial environments while building custom lifestyle programs.


Euro Trash, INC began with a deep appreciation for the breathtaking allure in the time-worn imperfections of the European past. Annie became known for her signature style and her personal philosophy - that everyone can and should live well.


Now, the extensive Euro Trash body of work is internationally recognized with distinctive design awards and showcased in publications globally.


Annie's European mindset is at the center of the Euro Trash aesthetic; beauty is here to be enjoyed, shared, and celebrated in every aspect of life. That mindset, coupled with a drive to inspire her client's own self expression is at the very heart of the Euro Trash design approach.

Euro Trash works directly with our clients to embrace their inner style, expand upon that inner style, then make it fit their life and personality. While Euro Trash is most recognized for our adept talent in juxtaposing new, vintage and antique pieces to create a timeless environment, our singular focus is on each individual client and their personal aesthetic. Euro Trash celebrates this mindset through all extensions, including Interiors & Architecture, Furniture & Artwork and Branding & Graphics.



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